The limitless potential of full-stack development!

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How many resources will you need to develop a web-app?

Let’s see –  a front-end developer, graphic designer, developers to handle advanced backend coding requirements and an administrator to maintain the site. This is not a conclusive list and it might vary on your requirements.

The final cost and time can seem overwhelming when you consider all the factors which go into a development cycle.

There are layers to build, test and execute in any app. How about this solution, one person – who knows the full technology stack – front-end, the back-end and the database languages– handles the complete app development.

What is full-stack development?

 “Full-stack development is a methodology which addresses all stack layers and in doing so creates a complete, implementable solution to business requirements. Full-stack developers have broad experience among all stack layers and expertise in a few layers. They should be able to render a minimum viable product in a given stack.”

By tradition, most technology stacks consist of a server operating system, web server, database server, and programming language. They may include additional components such as development frameworks and client-side software.

There are many popular stacks, a few of which are LAMP, MEAN, Ruby Stack, Django and .Net. These contain all the technology required to set up a complete website.

Why do I need a full-stack developer?

Let us take a look into some of the reasons which will help you conclude if a full-stack developer will solve your app requirements.

One, they are cost-efficient.

No more hiring ten people for one development.

Two, they save you time.

As they are the single point of contact, they know all the functional details about the app. They can work towards the end-product without the need for endless knowledge transfer sessions to other developers.

Three, customized codes.

With a number of developers, non-feasibility of some part of the functional requirement due to language restrictions. A single full-stack developer, on the other hand, knows where to tweak the code to accomplish all the functional requirements.

Four, ownership of the work.

Avoid the hassle of motivating your team to complete the work on time. A dedicated full-stack developer is accountable for the entire design and hence, takes a more responsible outlook while coding.

Finally, great analytical skills

An accomplished full-stack developer usually has great RCA skills. Complete and comprehensive knowledge in a number of languages is helpful while resolving any bugs or defects.

So, which solution would you prefer? A team of developers or a single cost-effective full-stack developer? Hire full-stack developers from a reputed organization like EApps to fulfil all your coding requirements.


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