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We graduated our first IT-Ready QA class in June and already 5 out of the 13 graduates have gotten jobs with Activision. The rest of graduates are actively interviewing with other employers in the Twin Cities through the employer connections Creating IT Futures sets up for them. Applications for the next IT-Ready QA class in the Twin Cities are due this Friday, July 20.

n our new IT-Ready QA class, students learn the foundational skills required to become a software tester. Software testing is a critical part of today’s software development industry. Careful destruction of software can be just as valuable as brilliant creation, and in our software testing curriculum, students learn the best practices for breaking software and squashing bugs.

IT-Ready QA teaches you what’s required to test and support software throughout its life cycle, principles of test design, risk management, agile development, and identifying best practices for mobile software testing.

How is IT-Ready QA preparing to launch new software testers that will be ready on Day One of their new jobs?

1. Leadership Fundamentals

IT-Ready provides students with a leadership challenge, offering them the opportunity to exercise communication skills in a collaborative environment. In the first IT-Ready QA class, Paul Cronin, who sits on Creating IT Futures Board of Directors, facilitated students through his Leadership Challenge. The module offers multiple exercises, challenging individuals to take a distinct perspective in problem solving.

2. Community Connections

Throughout the eight-week course, students quickly developed a close-knit relationship toward one another, constantly holding each other accountable. During the first class’ graduation, there was an echoed appreciation for the love and support they received from classmates. IT Ready graduate James McCracken mentioned, “I told myself okay, if I do this, I’m personally responsible for helping my classmates, because they’re also going to help me.”

3. Employer Involvement

In effort to prepare students for a career transition, IT-Ready features industry professionals that offer students insights and guidance. Elliot Tan from Smart Things told graduation, “There is a labor pool of people out there who want jobs in IT, but don’t have the frame of reference to guide them…As a manager looking to hire, hand over fist all the time, there has to be an on-ramp to the industry, especially for those who don’t have everything. IT-Ready QA is the perfect place for that.”

4. Certification

After successfully completing the course, students grow their knowledge base receiving certifications, opening doors for a new career path. Students train and test for the following industry certifications: Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL), Certified Tester Foundation Level Agile Tester (CTFL-AT) and Certified Mobile Tester.

IT-Ready Senior Program Manager Kathy Brennan mentioned to graduates, “You are all pioneers and will be the reason why this program will flourish. With 100% of the class being QA certified, it’s only the beginning of your success.”

5. Job Placement

To offer students a foundation as they begin their career search, IT-Ready presents graduates with a career fair, forming connections with employers. The first IT-Ready QA career fair featured CloudburstDecision OneDISYSPerforceSmart Things and Tap QA. Other employers like Activision also have stepped up to hire IT-Ready QA graduates.

The next class for IT-Ready QA starts on August 20, 2018. Applications are due this Friday, so don’t delay.


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