Analytics developer

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Analytics developer
European Union, India, London
Posted 2 years ago

We are seeking a Analytics developer for our client

Key responsibilities include:

  • Working on a state of the art on-premise Hadoop cluster with a diversified set of BigData technologies
  • Understanding and management of existing analytics both from design and operational point of view. This includes a combination of batch processing and streaming, Scripting and compiling, ad-hoc and scheduled execution, etc.
  • Designing and building new capabilities to help identify any potential quality issues on both network and customer level


Skills and Experience

Education/Working experience

  • Master in Computer Science [desirable]
  • Experience in companies (or research projects) working with network data [desirable]


Technical Skills

  • Good coding skills
    • Scala, >[2y]
    • Python >[5y]
    • Command line tools and Scripting >[5y]
    • Standard CSV tools and practice
    • Web-development [is an extra]
    • Any other language [is an extra]
    • Any registered collaboration to already existing open source projects is very welcomed
  • Experience in Big Data tools
    • Spark (RDD and SQL) >[2y]
    • Hive >[3y]
    • Streaming frameworks (SparkStreaming, Flink, etc.)
    • Good knowledge of the ASF projects and community
  • Networking
    • Command line tools (eg, ssh)
    • Servers configurations and connectivity
    • Network protocols, especially TCP/IP
    • End to end mobile data network architecture, interfaces and protocols, starting from devices, ending on the Internet access [is an extra]
    • Knowledge of DPI technologies [is an extra]
    • General knowledge of other data platforms (load balancers, Firewalls, PCRF, content filtering) [is an extra]
    • Proven record of exceptional analytical skills
  • Scientific publication, talk to conferences are very welcomed
    • Understanding of network related indexes (latency, throughput, TCP/IP dynamics, etc.)
    • Understanding of QoE metrics (PLT, SpeedIndex, startup latency, etc.)



Soft/Business Skills

  • Demonstrates creativity and innovation
  • Works independently and defines objectives for himself
  • The ability to analyse requirements, identify potential implementation options and solutions, document clearly, and manage their delivery
  • Good documentation and communication skills.
  • Understanding of Legal/Regulatory, Data Protection, and Security requirements of the business.
  • Good interpersonal skills

Job Features

Job CategoryIT
Experience2 – 3 years
LocationLondon, India, EU

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