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We, at EApps, believe in encouraging technological innovation and the pursuit of excellence. In order to maximize the chances for success and avoid unnecessary time-consuming efforts in setting up projects, EApps Technologies encourages proposals from individuals for any technical and original ideas. We will help to bring shape to your vision by providing technical and\or financial assistance as required.

How to submit a proposal?

Quite simple! Please click on “Submit an Idea” button and fill up the form with the details of your proposal. You can choose to attach a proof of concept if available. The technical experts at EApps will review your design and assess the potential. If your idea is impressive, EApps will grant any technical or financial assistance as per the application.

  1. Technical assistance from EApps
    Our tech whizzes will provide the necessary technical support. In the off chance that we do not have the required technical expertise, we will provide you with the various other means of outsourcing technical experts for the requirement.
  2. Financial assistance from EApps
    If the proposal is accepted by the experts at EApps after evaluation, we will be happy to provide options for financial assistance or sponsor the idea if we find the proposal mutually beneficial.

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