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To maintain the promise of quality, testing should be introduced at the earliest phase. With comprehensive testing methods and tools, EApps Technologies promises the highest quality in its deliverables.  Our testers make sure that there are no undetected bugs and strive to make our products unmatched in terms of quality. While testing is about detecting defects, Quality Assurance is about preventing it. At EApps, Quality is a habit.

Testing gurus, with expertise in multiple technologies, platform and standards, design the tests with the attitude that a single test can prove a software wrong. Our testers have mastered the brilliant basics of speed, quality and productivity thereby making sure to deliver an application which is secure, reliable and seamless in its working.

Quality means doing it right even when no one is looking.
– Henry Ford

Security Testing

With the exponential growth in technology, comes the need to deliver an application which is fast, user-friendly and secure while transacting with third-party systems. At Eapps, we diligently test applications against data breaches and attacks in order to make sure our clients’ database is not compromised. Our testers make sure to cover all the loopholes and deliver a resilient application by focussing on data security & privacy, enterprise application security and API security while testing the application.

Performance Testing

For an optimised application, it is imperative to test the software on various parameters such as performance, scalability, reliability, security and user experience. Our experts at EApps strategically execute test plans and make sure to provide an accurate assessment about the performance. Consequently, the client is now furnished with details to improve the application performance and can handle increased volumes and complexity with higher responsiveness, better testing strategies, lower delivery effort and improved productivity.

User Acceptance Testing

For greater productivity and insights, it is imperative to capture the user requirements in a verifiable way. This identifies issues which might have been missed by unit or integration tests and provides a comprehensive view of the thoroughness of an application from the view point of the targeted audience. By identifying critical, cosmetic and core functionalities, EApps makes sure the application satisfies business requirements accurately.

SystemIntegration Testing

For a good business, it is important to deliver a seamless omnichannel customer experience to realise the market potential. At Eapps, we meticulously test end-user experiences across devices while making sure there is no loss of data or a decrease in speed. We help to build an eco-system which is reliable, secure and seamless in its transition across multiple devices or platforms.

Compatibility Testing

As a non-functional testing method, a compatibility test simply determines if your application is capable of functioning without any hitch on a variety of hardware, operating systems, applications, network environments or Mobile devices. At Eapps, we cover the entire breadth and depth in all these categories to ensure a flawless omnichannel user experience. By covering this testing methodically, we make sure that your application is delivered faster to market and with a higher quality.